30 Days Diet Program – Linda Durbesson

30 Days Diet Program

30 Days Diet Program


  • Quick and delicious healthy eating plan to suit any need
  • Foods tips for best results
  • Amounts of food
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Diet is altered if needs
  • Include initial consultation/meeting — discuss all goals and needs for your customized program
  • Email support — 24/7 help as needed
  • Pictures have to be sent weekly to monitor progress
  • Around the clock advice and support to keep you motivated towards your goals

All my diet plan are completely CUSTOMIZED FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL, based on EACH PERSONS STARTING POINT, EXERCISE EXPERIENCE, PERSONAL STATS, LIKES and DISLIKES, PERSONAL LIMITATIONS (as to know injuries/handicaps and such) and their own EXPECTATIONS. #LDFIT takes its knowledge and expertise in the health and fitness industry of combined 15 years to deliver the most efficient and optimal results. This package will give you the big line to learn how to eat properly.

Fuel your body with what it really needs!

$205 (tax included)